Parliament Denies Rights of Parents to Know of Their Child’s Abortion

Parliament Denies Rights of Parents to Know of Their Child’s Abortion

Media Release July 7th 2016

Right to Life deplores the unjust decision of the Parliamentary Justice and Electoral Select Committee to deny the right of parents to be informed before an abortion is performed on their under 16 year old daughter. The Committee has rejected a petition seeking an amendment to the Care of Children Act to provide for parental notification.

That the Parliamentary Justice and Electoral Select Committee have made this decision indicates the degree to which our politicians have been captured by a mindset of protecting ‘abortion rights’ at all costs. Right to Life believes that anything that pushes back or threatens the de facto ‘right to abortion on demand’ must be quashed, Make no mistake Hillary Kieft’s  petition, supported by the majority of people in this country, was clearly seen by those in power as a threat to the ‘right’ to dispose of the unwanted unborn.  What is of further concern is that this decision means our politicians have chosen  to ignore the huge and ongoing long term damage being done to the overwhelming majority of girls and their families by keeping parents in the dark over teenage abortions.

The decision was supported by the four government members, the three Labour members and the two Green members. Right to Life commends Maori member Marama Fox and New Zealand First member Dennis O’Rourke who supported the petition.

It is time for Parliament to amend the Care of Children Act 2004, to uphold the right of families to care for their children by ensuring that parents are advised before an abortion on their under 16 year old daughter. This has overwhelming public support and public opinion polls have revealed 80 per cent support for recognition of the right of parents to be advised if their daughter is seeking to terminate the life of her unborn child. This is simply another example of the government riding roughshod over the concerns of the people of this nation.

It is absurd that a girl needs parental consent at school to go on a picnic or to take an aspirin, but not even parental consent for someone to kill their daughter’s child.

Parental Notification is not an Abortion Issue but a Family Rights Issue and the denial of Parental Notification is child abuse. The present law is unjust and requires the support of a litany of lies from school Principals and staff who are required to lie to hide the abortion.

Leading the opposition to the petition with a written and oral submission was Family Planning Chief Executive Jackie Edmond who said they will fight any change to the law, claiming it would be a step backwards for New Zealand, which she believes already has a very restrictive abortion law that is  outdated.

New Zealand should be following the example of many of the states in the US where, the Guttmacher Institute reports there are 38 States that have parental consent or parental notification laws. A total of 21 States have parental consent laws, 12 that have parental notification laws and 5 that require both parental notification and consent. Many of the States require the written consent of both parents, the age of consent is 18 years of age. The parental consent and notification laws have resulted in a decline in teenage pregnancies and a 15 per cent decline in teenage abortions. Western Australia also requires parental notification.

Parental Notification is Necessary for the Protection of Children.
Ken Orr
Right to Life.
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